About the poet


Jude Goodwin is a Canadian poet living in British Columbia. Often described as an 'internet poet' , Goodwin started learning the craft in the early days of the world wide web, participating in online workshops and online poetry courses. Jude's poems eventually bridged the digital divide and have been published in the Burnside Review, Contemporary Verse 2, Comstock Review, White Pelican Review, Cider Press Review and many other journals, both in print and online.

Jude's poetry has won or placed well in the IBPC: New Poetry Voices competition, she has been shortlisted in the CBC Radio Literary Awards, and received Honorable Mention in the Jessie Bryce Niles Chapbook Competition. You can find Jude on many shortlists in the Guardian Poetry Workshop, she was a feature poet on Eclectica and is included in Eclectica's 20 Year Best Poetry Anthology.

Aside from poetry, Jude has four published books, all involving playing cards: card games for kids, how to play bridge for kids and two books of bridge-related cartoons.

Jude works as illustrator, designer and desktop publisher through her company Goodwin Creative LTD. She is editor/publisher of Bridge Canada, the Canadian Bridge Federation's signature magazine, as well as other, smaller papers. And she is a web designer, producing and maintaining websites for a many diverse groups.

Jude is a founding member of the Squamish Writers Group. She is founder and co-editor of The Waters, an online poetry workshop. In 2018 Jude founded the Sea to Sky Review which she edits with her wife Carol Beeson. Jude is currently pursuing a degree in Creative Writing at Douglas College.

The mother of 3 daughters and grandmother of 6, Jude currently lives in BC, Canada with Carol, two stepkids, 2 dogs, and a cat. The fighter fish died.



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