Many thanks to these fine journals where my poems have been published.

Vine Leaves Press - Final Issue - Returning to the 5th Floor / And There Were Stars  Jan 2017

Blue Heron Review, Summer Issue, 2017 - Healing Isssue:  SPARKY

Douglas College - Pearls 36. A Woman in Gingham (poem), The Harvest (short story).

Douglas College Poem of the Month May 2016. A Woman in Gingham.

Eclectica 20th Anniversary Best of Poetry: The wind, the wind

Eclectica. July/August 2014. Waiting for Judgement.

Eclectica. January/February 2014. The Tree. Antigone.

The Squamish Reporter:
The Rising Song of You, Goodbye, Founder, One Hour

Eclectica. Spotlight Poet: January/February 2012.
Gravity. Her Music. The wind the wind. The snow has stopped.

Halfway down the stairs. December 2011.

Lily. September 2011.
Every Time

Contemporary American Voices. 
September 2011.
Murder Wrinkles, Love and the kicking of it, Because of the falling, Red, Window party, Oh Couch

Eclectica. January February 2011.
Nothing Much

IBPC New Poetry Voices

Sept 2017 - First Place Rodent Ulcer
April 2013 - The Rising Song of You - Third Place
January 2010 - Judge Dorianne Laux - First Place Eureka Springs
February 2010 - Judge Dorianne Laux - First Place What
November 2010 - Judge Paul Lisicky - First Place Hush

Pedestal Magazine (online journal)

The Guardian Online Shortlist
January 2009: It's Saturday

Dunes Review - Literary Journal of Northern Michigan
Volume 13, Issue 1. Summer 2008.
There I was again, The Process, Mud, When the Poet Complained

Contemporary Verse 2 : Poem as Travelogue / Summer 2008

Grey Hen Press : A Twist of Malice
An anthology of poems by women who are not ready to grow old gracefully.
At the Art Gallery, Small Slam in Hearts

Older Publications

The Shit Creek Review
Flat Hand of Winter, March 2007

The Pedestal Magazine
La Estrella, February 2007.

Loch Raven Review
I am the Glass and In a Chapel with Bibles

4AM Poetry Review, 2006

Cider Press Review
A Billion Eyes Look Up, Janaury 2007

Boxcar Poetry Review
Cow Tipping
Note: This poem was also published in the Boxcar Review's 2007 Anthology.

Burnside Poetry Review, December/January 2007

IBPC New Poetry Voices

3rd Place February 2007 - The Crying Girl

The Guardian Poetry Workshop Shortlist

At the art gallery, a woman by Jude Goodwin
December 2007

Fishing Boats on the Beach - Judge Amy Newman, October 2006

His Velvet Tongue  - Judge Jane Duran, March 2006

First Place, Crescent Moon Journal
With your dry lips
Judge, Sachi Nag. August 2006

Desert Moon Review
Winter Poetry Contest - 3rd place
In Winter - Judge Arlene Ang

The Guardian Poetry Workshop Shortlists

Lost: Little Girl
Judge Adèle Geras August 2005

How to Survive a Tornado
Judge Anne Stevenson March 2005

Judge Chris Greenhalgh February 2005

Wax Paper
Judge Micheal O'Siadhail September 2005

Jessie Bryce Niles Chapbook Contest
Honorable Mention 2005

The InterBoard Poetry Community

First Place, September 2005 - The Chewer
Judge Sarah Crown

Third Place, July 2005 : The Murderers
Judge Aaron Welborn

Third Place, May 2005 : Remission
Judge Aaron Welborn

White Pelican Review, Fall 2005
Not Tonight

Comstock Review Vol 19, Number 1
One Grunt

Contemporary Verse 2
What if it's Endless
What Whispers