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The Night Before Snow

and other wintry poems


Jude Goodwin's wintry poems are truly magical.


Award-winning Canadian poet, Jude Goodwin, will be publishing her first collection of poems just in time for the holidays. The Night Before Snow is a little book full of the joys of winter and the holidays. At the same time, Goodwin's poems embrace the truth that this time of year can be distressing and difficult for many. With wonderful imagery and lyricism, Goodwin is able to transform even the saddest and most tiresome moments of life into something extraordinary. Goodwin's approachable style and conversational tone make this  collection of wintry poems a perfect gift for the perfect people in your life.


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What they're saying

about Jude Goodwin's poetry

Goodwin has captured life’s fleeting, delicate moments—the ones that are gone so soon we never really grasp them—and gathered them into a collection of beautiful, warm, sparkling jewel-poems that speak to the poignancy and wonder of the human experience. Everyday objects and events like rain, couches, heaters, and annual Christmas programs suddenly transform into rare, transcendent experiences.
— Erin Kahn
Jude Goodwin uses the personal to translate the universal. There is a little something Jude in every one of her poems as well as large swathes of the epic of life, the kind of thing that takes you from the simple to the grand in less than fifty lines.
— Carmen is a Cat, Blog.
The music, the line breaks, the evocative description: everything in sync here.
— Paul Lisicky
The imagery throughout is melancholy and powerful — as if each vision is there to haunt the reader.
— Arlene Ang
I love the plain-spoken, conversational tone … and how quickly it moves from the mundane to the extraordinary.
— Sylvia Symons, poetry judge, RCLAS 2018 Write On! contest winner.
Wonderfully textured imagery, splendid sounds and subtle treatment.
— Sachi Nag, poetry judge, Crescent Moon Journal contest winner.