Pearls 36

My first year in the Douglas College creative writing program, Pearls was on my list of required texts. Without reading the 'credits' I dove in to seek out the pages required by early assignments and I had no idea at the time that I was reading student work. The pieces are finely written, polished, relevant and professional. Now a few more credits into my degree I've experienced the depth of dedication the professors and instructors offer CW students. The time they give to the students and the classroom. Their wholesome sharing of experience and expertise. Their unfailing positivity - every piece of writing is amazing! It no longer surprises me that the writing in Pearls each year is of such high caliber.

Of course it is. The world of the student is ever fresh, innovative, relevant. The student muse is constantly being challenged to stretch, experiment, innovate and at the same time succor,  nourish and support. The works in Pearls 36 are amazing.

This year, I'm quite thrilled to be included in the anthology. I have a poem (The woman in gingham) and one of my first ever pieces of fiction (The Harvest).

You can find Pearls 36 in the Douglas College bookstores, one in Coquitlam and one in New Westminster

An Anthology of Work by Douglas College Creative Writing Students
Spring 2017
The publication of Pearls is a collaborative effort spearheaded by the Creative Writing Department chair, Elizabeth Bachinsky.