A Twist Of Malice: Uncomfortable Poems By Older Women

My poem At the art gallery, a woman  is included in this 2008 anthology.

A collection of work by 36 contemporary poets exploring the darker side of the female imagination. Here are poems that disturb and disconcert but also gleam with humour and delight in subversion.

You will find plenty of familiar names, but also less well-known poets whose work deserves to be read more widely. There is something good on every page – be prepared to hide behind the sofa and keep the light on at night but also to be made to think, and to laugh out loud. There will be something in this book that will hit the spot for everyone who enjoys the power of poetry.

A Twist of Malice
Uncomfortable poems by older women
Edited by Joy Howard
ISBN 978-0-9552952-2-5

’Nothing mimsy about these poems by older women. Fierce, funny, disturbing and fairly vicious. Lovely.’ Michele Hanson, The Guardian

’..extremely enjoyable and thought-proving…the essence of the achievement is in raising some really serious and interesting issues while being entertaining. Beautifully produced too.’

’Poems which stretch the mind…poetic edge and edginess.’

’A handsome anthology…ought to be on some celebrity’s list of their Books of the Year…Put it on your Christmas list.’

Dilys Wood, Second lLght Network & ARTEMISpoetry

’A Twist of Malice is a tonic, a real pick-me-up, in all senses. I laughed, cried, giggled, chortled. A book for all seasons, for all reasons. Dip in and out or read in huge gulps. So many poems I wish I had written myself.’ Lyn Moir

’Artifice and wit deliver moments so sharp they catch your breath: “Time Out” and “Down to the Wood” reach bone marrow.’ Hilary Elfick

’To be able to truly revel in mischief, malice and misery with no guilt attached is a rare and wonderful thing. A Twist of Malice recognizes this fully, meets it head on and, while it shouts from rooftops, can laugh. And cry, and sometimes whisper. These poets lay rightful claim to their intellects, aesthetics and senses of humour; in short, to the art in their lives.’Jacqueline Gabbitas

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