Eclectica Magazine Best Poetry

I'm very excited to join a whole bunch of my internet poetry friends in this lovely book. Eclectica Magazine is considered on of the top 10 online literary journals and it is celebrating its 20th Anniversary.

Read poems by Arlene Ang, Antonia Clark, Judy Kaber, Bob Bradshaw, Greta Bolger, Michaela A. Gabriel, and Sarah J. Sloat. Many of these poets cavort and swim in the Waters online poetry workshop. You can too!

Reasons to buy Eclectica Magazine's 20th Anniversary anthologies from their CreateSpace E Store

All the arguments you hear during National Public Radio fundraising drives apply here. Buying a hardcopy from the E Store ensures the maximum royalty share will go back into Eclectica to fund things like promotional activities, paying our contributors, and widening our distribution.

These poems, stories, and nonfiction pieces, individually and collected, really are exceptional. See below for some hype!

You are a maverick, a visionary, and a true patron of the arts.

Eclectica Magazine Best Poetry

Celebrating 20 Years Online

Authored by Various
Illustrated by Robert Hoover
Foreword by Chris Lott
Cover design or artwork by Tom Dooley
Series edited by Tom Dooley
Volume editor Jennifer Finstrom
Edition: 1

An anthology of best poetry selected by Jennifer Finstrom from the archives of Eclectica Magazine,, celebrating 20 years online.

What some folks have had to say about the new anthologies

"Eclectica has long held a special place for me. There aren't many publications like it in print or online. This anthology is to be celebrated by the Eclectica family and readers everywhere who appreciate the spirit of experiment to be found in these stories. To name just a couple, Sean Gill's 'You Have Now Eaten Thirty-Four Spiders' conjures an entire world with economy and verbal wit, and Anthony W. Brown's 'AquaSerene (A FishStory)' is as arresting and vibrant and raw as anything I've read in a long time. That so much interesting work was published by one magazine is testament to the editors' finely attuned ability to detect, in many fresh and unfamiliar tones, something new and pure, of a melody, of a real singer singing a real song, in a key not heard before."

—CHARLES YU is the author of How to Live Safely in a Science Fictional Universe and winner of the Sherwood Anderson Fiction Award.

"For 20 years, Eclectica has served as a go-to read for engaging, thoughtful, and, well, eclectic literature. I still come back to this journal when I'm looking of poets both rooted and contemplative."

—ERIN ELIZABETH SMITH is the founding editor of Sundress Publications, Stirring: A Literary Collection, and the Best of the Net Anthology.

"Eclectica Magazine was one of the first (and remains one of the very best) online literary magazines. What the editors at Eclectica have done is wonderful and far more important for the future of literature than many people understand. I regularly read the annual Best American Short Stories series, of which Raymond Carver's 1986 edition was brilliant, and Stephen King's 2007 edition also stands out. If you're a fan of fiction, let me tell you that this anthology belongs in their company. The stories in this volume are what I love about the Web. Here you will find honest fiction, real fiction, painful fiction, diverse fiction, risky fiction. In another 20 years, when people look back on literature's ongoing evolution, they will be talking about Eclectica."

—MELVIN STERNE is the founding editor of Carve Magazine.

"Far too many times, anthologies come into existence solely to reward a publisher's accomplishments. Not that Eclectica, one of the first of our online/digital brethren, doesn't deserve some significant kudos for keeping up the good fight for two decades and counting… that, it most certainly does. But what strikes me with this exquisite collection of Eclectica's best for the past 20 years is that in kinship with their moniker, the works contained within this anthology represent a wonderful assortment of styles and aesthetics. Yet each story maintains the highest level of originality and quality that should not only make both writer and publisher proud, but most importantly, make a new reader vitally interested in turning the page. This anniversary anthology is deserving of both critical praise and reader interest."

—THOM DIDATO is the founding editor of

"Twenty years of Eclectica, and the ensemble sizzles! Nothing static here, nothing stuffy or arcane. This is poetry at its finest, in all its world-wide variety. Many voices we recognize, and compelling new ones also come to the fore. The book is rhythmically alive, steeped in movement and stillness, whether on trains, baseball fields, or couches, on streets, in August fields, in fog or sailing across blue skies. I will use this volume in my poetry workshops. Students at all levels will adore its flavors, and I will return to this volume often for sustenance."

—MARILYN KALLET is the author of The Love That Moves Me.