Randy's Murderer

My three brothers and I grew up on the waterfront during the ‘baby boom’ years of the 1950s. Our childhood was formed by hours of roaming in unruly packs over the great country that was Alderside Road - miles of mudflats when the tide was out, endless railway tracks, and steep paths through forests full of tree forts, Tarzan swings and pit traps. 

A Poet's Tools Part 1

Today I was rummaging through the garage and found a box labelled 'scrap writing'. Inside was a stack of old journals - spiral bound, stapled, decorated and plain. And yeah - a whole bunch of scrap writing. I'm actually going to toss all of these - but not without acknowledging the huge part they play in my writing.

Write Every Day

April is National Poetry Writing Month (NaPoWriMo) and poets across the globe are hunkering down to write a poem a day. Every year I emerge from NaPoWriMo with 30 new poems. What a great way to start the year!

Start with your walks

The door clicks shut behind me as I set out across the grass. It is wet, and a bit chilly, but the trees along the avenue are bursting with the flaming colours of autumn and the backdrop of dark grey clouds broken by blades of October sunshine creates a stunning fresco for my daily walk. I am snug in my raincoat and I pick up the pace. Published in the Squamish Reporter, February 2017